Sister Mandabayan’s heartbreaking brief reunion with youngest son.


Visitors to this page would probably think this woman had committed the worst horrendous crime in Indonesia, like Ted Bundy – the notorious American serial killer. Some might think that the Indonesian police found body parts in her refrigerator or a mass grave in her backyard! But nope! Her crime was transporting 1500 miniature Paper flags from Sorong to Manokwari. This Indonesian law is simply pathetic by international standard.

Sister Mandabayan’s case, however, exposes the cruelty and absurdity of this anti West Papuan flag law, as it runs counter to International Law. International law calls for people to respecting each other and the right to exist and to think regardless of race, sex, and religion. This Indonesian law must be abolished if it wants to become part of the democratic free world!

We condemn the treatment of Sister Manabayan, and we renew our call for her released. Her little boy needs her!

Thank you

Herman Wainggai
EO – West Papuan Human Rights Center
Washington, D.C

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