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Braun Strowman destroys The Miz

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The groans coming from social media were almost audible when WWE halted a ‘Best Of 7 Series’ between Sheamus and Cesaro only to form a tag-team with both men last summer. The series didn’t have a proper conclusion; the only explanation came from then-Raw GM Mick Foley, who felt Sheamus and Cesaro would be better off a team. He was right.

Since randomly coming together, the pair have gone from strength-to-strength as one of WWE’s best duos. After being rechristened ‘The Bar’ this year, Sheamus and Cesaro have also went from being directionless singles stars pushed together to a proper tag-team. There’s no reason why that couldn’t be the case for several of WWE’s other struggling names.

Why not? It’s not like most of these guys are doing anything worthwhile on their own. If it worked for the seemingly random pairing of Sheamus and Cesaro, it could realistically work for others. Besides, the tag division could do with a few fresh faces on both brands…

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